Friday, 15 July 2011

When Clotheshorse met David Gandy!

So last night was the Net-A-Porter/Dolce & Gabbana party watch out for blogs on that got lots to come!

Going back to Mr Gandy I knew he was attending so I was super excited. On arriving I combed the room looking for him but alas I could not find him, but whilst talking to a friend who I was telling my intentions to (cornering Mr Gandy) I accidentally step back and on someones toes ..... So I turned to say sorry and to My horror then delight it was David Gandy!!!!

So we spoke and not only is he handsome but also charming, witty and the perfect gentleman. We then took this picture which meant he touched me so after nearly passing out this is the end result...... A surreal moment and one I won't forget for a while .....


  1. He's too delicious for words! Nice to hear that he's a gent too, especially when you stepped on his shoes :)

  2. Love this, Leroy, this write up is so super cute. I can't remember the last time I had such a wonderful time like with you guys!Thank you!!!
    hugs, Nadine


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